About :

Bertrand Martin is a self-taught artist born in 1975. Since his childhood, he has been passionate about arts and drawing, but it was only as he approached his 40s that he really began to develop his passion. He started with watercolors, where he received several awards and distinctions, but quickly moved on to oil painting. To perfect his technique, he drew inspiration from the old masters, studied with various contemporary figurative painters such as ZhaoMing Wu, Alex Venezia, Causey Baugh, Daniel Sprik, but also drew inspiration from various contemporary abstract painters.

In his art, he has developed a very particular style, a narration resulting from the fusion between classical and modern styles that can be seen as a metaphor for life itself – a combination of the old and the new, beauty and pain, order and chaos, light and darkness. His portraits and figures represent human beings in their interiority, emotion, and mystery. Each subject is unique and tells a story.

Bertrand Martin exhibits in France and abroad, and his works are increasingly popular among collectors from around the world.

Exhibitions :


  • Group exhibition at Galeri Ramfjord, Olso


  • Solo Show at Galerie Europia, Paris


  • Exposition collective à la Galerie Frederic Got
  • Exposition collective à la Galerie Sakah
  • Luxembourg Art Fair


  • Salon des Artistes Français au Grand Palais, Paris


  • Salon d’hiver à Saint-Gelais (79), Invité d’honneur
  • 13ème Salon International de l’Aquarelle, Saint-Yrieix la Perche, Invité d’honneur
  • 27ème Salon d’Uckange, Invité d’honneur
  • Salon Art Capital, Grand Palais, Paris


  • 26ème Salon International de l’aquarelle de Uckange
  • 21ème Salon de l’aquarelle de Montgermont
  • 5ème Festival d’aquarelle de Wassy
  • Salon Françoise d’Aubigné
  • 12ème Salon International de l’aquarelle, à Saint-Yrieix la Perche

Prix :

  • 2020 : 15th ARC Salon Finalist
  • 2020 : “Special award” in November from the Artjobs platform
  • 2020 : “Artist of the month” in July from the Artsliquid magazine
  • 2020 : “Merit award” à la Grey Cube Gallery Portrait Art Show pour l’oeuvre “Tying my Hair”
  • 2020 : Artist of the week par BoldBrush online gallery pour l’oeuvre “Xiao Chun.”
  • 2017 : Prix du public au 13ème Salon International de l’Aquarelle à Saint-Yrieix la Perche
  • 2016 : 3ème prix au 12ème Salon International de l’aquarelle, à Saint-Yrieix la Perche
  • 2016 : 1er prix pour l’oeuvre “La jeune fille de Xian” au 26ème Salon International de l’aquarelle d’Uckange 2017

Press :

  • Fine Art Connoisseur, 2021
  • Connaissance des Arts, 2021
  • Ma Maison, 2020
  • Pratique des Arts, 2021 et 2017
  • L’Art de l’Aquarelle and The Art of Watercolor, 2017

Personal details

Bertrand Martin email : bertrand-martin@bertrand-martin.com

N° SIRET : 817 400 799 00018